Digital Excellence

A work that goes from data collection to the intelligent use of data (Big Data), combining the real world with the information space.

Once the processes in the technical field have been optimized and the behavioural aspects of the resources have reached maturity, the action carried out in this area is therefore able to bring the real benefit to the processes, putting in place the use of new enabling technologies, able to enhance and accelerate the results already obtained in the Process and Human fields, which otherwise would be overwhelmed by the sub-optimal use of technologies, without bringing real added value.

The integrated approach

Thanks to our valuable experience and close collaboration between our experts, we have developed a method of intervention that can improve both the technical and digital component as well as the human component. Digital technologies are inserted in this context with the function of enabling and amplifying propulsion of what is implemented in the other two areas.

Hence the importance of supporting the progressive improvement of processes and the intervention on people with the help of modern digital technologies, for the achievement of Excellence.

Transmitting this philosophy to our customers is a mission for us, because only an integrated approach can guarantee long-term results and make Continuous Improvement become part of the company culture.


Digital Excellence allows you to define and achieve the desired business performance through:

  • the identification of digital transformation paths based on sustainability and measurability of objectives, rigorously supporting the transition from reactive models to predictive models
  • increasing the speed of response of projects in the Process and Human Excellence area
  • the search for the digital information (Process Mining) necessary for the knowledge of the processes, for their correct modelling and determination of the areas of improvement
  • optimization of decision-making time

It also allows the realization of a network of interconnections between an increasing number of elements, along the company value chain and along the Supply Chain: from raw materials to the final product, increasing in perspective the cost-effectiveness of the implementation of automation as an essential element of competitive advantage.

Methodologies and tools

Digital Excellence aims to drive change and improvement within companies, through paths of support and incentive to digital transformation. Digital Excellence allows you to analyse data predictively to facilitate business improvement in a sustainable way, acting as an enabling and empowering factor of the improvement actions carried out on processes.




We start from the more recent Industry 4.0, a process that guides industrial production towards an increasingly automated and interconnected structure, to the Society 5.0, centered on man that balances economic progress with the resolution of social problems and a system that integrates virtual and physical space in a decisive way.

Man, his security and his well-being are at the center, where technologies such as Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics represent a tool to improve the quality of life, in private as well as in work and business.

The tools are those belonging to the disciplines that can and should be applied according to the degree of digital maturity of the company:

  • Preparatory Analytics
  • Descriptive Analytics
  • Diagnostic Analytics
  • Cause related Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Prescriptive Analytics
  • Reliability based Analytics

Source: Robust Quality: Powerful Integration of Data Science and Process Engineering, Rajesh Jugulum, 2018