“A big thank you to Prof. Gabriele Arcidiacono
for showing me a new way”
Massimo Scaccabarozzi Testimonials Leanprove
Massimo Scaccabarozzi
Presidente Farmindustria

Farmindustria Leanprove

Testimonials Leanprove

Alessandro Bulfon, General Manager Fameccanica Group

Fameccanica Group

“Within the partnership with Leanprove I have finally found the right combination of academic experience, industrial capacity and solid professionalism aimed at achieving sustainable growth of companies. I believe that the method aimed at Business Excellence that we developed together is necessary for all companies that aim to look towards the future with the certainty of building a better tomorrow, because the real capital of every company is human capital.”

Alessandro Bulfon
General Manager, Fameccanica Group

Solange Bormioli, Bormioli Luigi

Bormioli Luigi

“I wish to congratulate Leanprove for all the projects that have been undertaken during the Lean Six Sigma activities. As a company, we strongly believe in this type of initiative, which is essential for promoting internal company growth, innovation and continuous improvement.”

Solange Bormioli
Bormioli Luigi

Roberto Buonanni già Direttore delle Risorse Umane, Trenitalia Direttore delle Risorse Umane, Gruppo Innova


“During my long time in Trenitalia I have been a passionate supporter of the importance of Lean Six Sigma methodology measurement tools. I have always perceived organizing production processes and measuring them to make them more efficient as a vital need. I am convinced that the LSS methodology is the cornerstone of business efficiency in all sectors, as it helps to develop talents and bring solid results: these improved processes produce profit.”

Roberto Buonanni
former Director of Human Resources, Trenitalia
Human Resources Director, Innova Group

Poste Italiane

“The approach to Lean Six Sigma methodology developed over the years together with Leanprove is a fundamental element for the creation of a system of processes, people and technologies wich are strongly oriented towards Business Excellence.  Our common goal is to make every day a strong contribution to the entire national production chain: by investing and working together with other operators in the countryside system, we generate value not only for our business and our share holders, but also for citizens and businesses who live and operate on the national territory.”

Marco Ceccobelli
Process Quality Competence Center Manager Poste Italiane

Giovanni Fisanotti Responsabile Ricerca e Sviluppo, Rotork Fluid Systems

Rotork Fluid Systems

“In our company we have six green Belt resources formed by Leanprove who are delivering important results through projects aimed at reducing waste applying the VOC (Voice Of the Customer) tool. In fact, in Rotork Fluid Systems we find ourselves working for very different orders: they are special orders that are now managed with process analysis and attention to waste. The first added value we found in the LSS methodology is its capability to spread the culture of measurement within the company. Those who do not measure their own temperature think they are fine, they think so, but they do not know for sure; instead it is precisely by measuring that the right discoveries are made. The culture of measuring to improve is the real revolution that trained people are able to bring back to their company. These human resources grow the seed of the plant of change and thus they influence the entire company structure, creating a truly powerful virtuous circle.”

Giovanni Fisanotti
Head of Research and Development, Rotork Fluid Systems

Samuel Riitano, Direttore Ricerca e Sviluppo, Ideal Standard

Ideal Standard

“Leanprove’s approach to continuous improvement has taught us to use the right tools at the most appropriate time. The methodology, once learned and applied, has become a precious set of skills for our resources. Furthermore, the solid approach of Six Sigma is perfect for problem solving activities, since it trains us to think in terms of root causes and effective solutions, avoiding to draw hasty conclusions. In my daily experience, I always find myself analyzing the VOC (Voice Of the Customer) to identify the needs of the customers which are the basis for future success.”

Samuel Riitano
Research and Development Director, Ideal Standard

Massimo Scaccabarozzi, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Presidente Farmindustria, CEO Janssen società farmaceutica del gruppo Johnson & Johnson


“WHY DOES ANYONE BECOME A GREEN BELT? In reality, you can give several answers and all of them are more or less valid but, perhaps, the most appropriate is BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE IN IT! When working on the trinomial Products, Processes, People – assuming that they are inseparable – it is certainly the Processes part that is able to positively influence the other two variables. I myself became a Green Belt and I saw how its efficiency and effectiveness were tied together, so much so that I pushed hard my organization to undertake this type of path.”

Massimo Scaccabarozzi
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
President, Farmindustria
CEO, Janssen, a pharmaceutical company of the Johnson & Johnson group

Francesco Silvestri. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Già Continuous Improvement Coordinator di Granarolo, Head of Manufacturing di Villani Salumi


“Leanprove consultant’s technical and in-depth approach, made possible by their great professionalism, led me to quickly bring the scientific approach of Six Sigma into the hard reality of daily factory’s problems. In fact, concreteness and pragmatism were essential elements of success in setting up Continuous Improvement in Granarolo. When the work is well set up and the acquired method is robust, the results always arrive.”

Francesco Silvestri
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
formerly Continuous Improvement Coordinator, Granarolo
Head of Manufacturing, Villani Salumi

Valerio Soli, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, CEO Acma – gruppo Coesia

ACMA – Gruppo Coesia

“Thanks to the support of Leanprove we have found in the Lean Six Sigma methodology a “lingua franca” to make all the company’s resources dialogue in a new and unique way. The first result of the collaboration was the spreading of a common language based on facts and no longer on opinions around the company. Such language facilitated sharing, bringing with it a cultural change with important repercussions among transversal sectors, from commercial to finance. I recognize that at ACMA we have fallen in love so much with this methodology that we have imposed it, backed by strong results, on the other companies of the group and now it represents a shared heritage.”

Valerio Soli
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
CEO, Acma – Coesia group

Fabrizio Vicari, CEO presso VGV


“I feel myself more like an entrepreneur than a manager, what really matters the most for me is the social satisfaction that this job gives me on a daily basis. The people who work with me are the pillars on which I have built, and I keep developing my company. After a long international career full of satisfactions, I decided to leave my country again. In 2010, I started a start-up based on listening to the customer by creating VGV and equipping it with that highly technical component that the market was asking for. I started writing on a blank page that kept filling up over the years with exceptional results, witnessed by the birth of VGV USA in 2015 and by the record turnover of over sixty million euros in 2019. To consolidate the excellent result and to support the ambition to grow further I have chosen Leanprove as the ideal partner for continuous improvement: together we have traced a path that we will continue to follow with enthusiasm.”

Fabrizio Vicari